our prefabricated flatpack containers can be adapted to a variety of uses


When you couple our containers together you get a large canteen suitable for mines or schools. With state of the art kitchen facilities ready to cater to large crowds


The prefabricated container is ideally suited to create pop up and established school classrooms in both rural and urban areas


Tailor made scallable office solutions that are tailored to any corporate need


A logical solution to housing, creating home solutions that can be erected speedily and can be customised to suite any development


An onsite solution to a meet the need of ablitions, shower rooms suitable for building sites mines schools 


 Looking for a solution to have pop up shops or kiosks, suitable for sporting venues or any large crowd event venue

Container medical facility
Container medical facility

clinics/doctors rooms

An ideal solution to medical facilities. These modular sterile units are the perfect adapted to cater to the needs of clinics and doctors rooms. These units are really great for first aid stations on mines and factories. Rural hospitals benefit greatly from this solution.

Container medical facility
Container medical facility
Container medical facility
House Conveyor Belt

We produce house in factory like produce car!!