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About CILC

We are the leading experts in container conversion, using flatpack containers that can be adapted into a wide range of containers including container offices, modular containers, prefab containers, shipping containers, storage options, ablution facilities etc.

CILC (China International Container Leasing Co., Limited) has more than a decade of experience in designing, producing, installing and maintaining flat pack container buildings. Our containers have been shipped to many countries worldwide. We supply a wide range of containers to our clients. These include offices, modular containers, prefab container houses, ablution facilities, storage options, ISO shipping containers, and containers cable etc. We also produce modified containers (modified container buildings) that can be used by the militry, on oil fields, or on construction sites.

Our Competitive Advantage is:

Over a decade of experience in producing container buildings.

Excellent quality

Customizable products

ISO9001, BV certificate

Turnkey projects

Cost-effective shipping (freight)

20 years life span

Easily assembled and disassembled

Our buildings are well insulated

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Our footprint

Our head office is located in Shanghai, where our sales, marketing, logistics, and management departments are housed. We have a factory where an efficient production line for our modular, customisable containers are manufactured. CILC has an agent in Central America. CICL currently employs over a 40 people. Our production capacity for office containers is 300-400 units per month.

CILC fast becoming a major player on the Africa continent



CILC is a well known brand in the container manufacturing industry. We are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, as well as comply with the Australian Standard, UL, and Chilean Standard.

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